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Adventures in Missions, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a long-time member of ECFA. Your donations are tax deductible based on the policies and principles.More questions? Call AIM at 800.881.2461 or email

Thank you for partnering with us and recognizing the value of investing in changing lives through missions.

Why Eswatini?

Our Story, Vision, Stats and More
Our Story

Our Needs

Our biggest need is for ongoing financial support, would you be willing to support us every month via an automatic bank draft or credit card charge? Any amount would really help us as we train up the next generation of Swazi leaders.

Would you be willing to set up a monthly donation right now? It is private, secure, and will only take a minute or two. If you’d rather send a donation via the USPS, the information to do that is also on the right (please make sure that you include a note in the envelope whether this is a monthly or one time donation).

Thank you for supporting us and if you’d like to give a one-time gift to our Startup or Emergency funds, you can donate either via the online or mail options mentioned above as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping empower us as we serve in Eswatini!

What will your support allow us to do more specifically?

Brandon helps the ministry with IT networking and support for the office staff, working on the website and video marketing creation/development, and then training up the local staff in all these areas to help with future ministry sustainability.

Melinda’s focus is ensuring that the office needs of the ministry will be taken care of. There’s a lot of day-to-day creation, implementation, and training on best practices for office management with local staff plus additional work on the ministry newsletter and other administrative tasks as needed.

We dedicate a lot of time to ensuring that these tasks and training get done. We also try to spend time directly with the orphaned children that Children’s HopeChest and Adventures in Missions ministers to as there is a need to love on the kids there in person.

When you partner with us by supporting Adventures in Missions for our behalf, you're helping us support the full ministry effort including:

  • Providing daily food and water for 7,500 Swazi children
  • Fostering sustainable agriculture to ensure the long-term needs of the community are met
  • Creating hand-crafted merchandise to teach marketable skills
  • Discipleship and education programs to invest in the next generation of Swazis
  • Providing emotional and medical support to those impacted by HIV/AIDS
  • Empowering driven young entrepreneurs with micro loans and grants

Why Us?

Our commitment to both Adventures in Missions and Children’s HopeChest is to help them transition to more cost effective and sustainable local leadership. In the other countries where they are operating they are typically able to transition off of outside leadership within a few years but because of the devastating toll that HIV/AIDS epidemic has had on Swaziland families they have had to rely on outside support staff but they are getting closer to that goal. The country director, Scott, has had to turn down other applicants because they are needing people with specific skill sets to train up their indigenous staff in key support roles. Amazingly, we fit the bill, have a heart for Eswatini, and have made choices in life and ministry that allow us to invest in their staff and empower them to learn and grow into those roles. But we need you to partner with us.

Servant leadership is the key to helping the next generation in Eswatini thrive

We are training and serving leaders in Swaziland but we need help. We need people who are willing to partner with us through prayer, advice, through financial giving and by helping us on the ground in Eswatini.

Partner with Us Through Giving to Adventures in Missions