Privacy Policy

Here's what we collect and why

  1. We don't permanently store any information about you unless you reach out to us directly.
  2. When you contact us, your personal identifiable information is sent and stored using secure methods.
  3. We don't sell or share your information to any third party.
  4. We responsibly collect limited analytical information to better understand areas of our website that need improvement.
    • To collect this analytical information, we use the Google Analytics Suite.
      • We've setup our analytics to anonymize user IP addresses.
      • We've setup our analytics to respect our user's "Do Not Track' setting.
      • Our analytical data is set to expire after 14 months of inactivity.
      • We use social media tools that may collect analytical information, however our ability to view that data is limited.
      • We've NOT enabled "Demographics and Interest Reports" in our analytics system as a protection for our users.

We've taken additional steps to protect your use of this website

  1. We self-host many of our site assets to protect your browsing history from third parties.
  2. We're forcing your browser to use encryption to protect your browsing history from third parties.
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If you want to opt-out, we encourage you to look into one of the following:

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