August 26, 2016


It is easy to take all of this -our life and ministry- for granted. We can become so busy and miss all that God has for us, we can miss the point of why we’re here. That’s not how we’re called to live, we’re called to live gratefully and with abundant joy.

It has been a busy season, and now we feel like God is calling us to seek rest in him, to take Jesus at his word. We don’t want to drive hard and completely miss His heart for this nation. We need to be close and quiet ourselves to hear His heartbeat.

In these moments of reflection, we’ve become so aware of all the wonderful people who, through their prayers, encouragement, and financial partnership, have brought so much blessing and joy to our time here. In a very real way, your love for us is what enables us to spread Christ’s love with others here -we’re touched and we’re humbled.

We’re so grateful that God gives us the option to rest -to reset- His mercies are new every morning. As we strive to get closer to Christ, we also want to get closer to you, please let us know how we can pray for you.

Once again, thank you for digging deep and joining us on our journey, you are all such wonderful people and words can’t express how we feel about you.

Grace & Peace,
Brandon, Melinda, and Zachary