January 8, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all!

We certainly thought this year would start off with a little one in the nursery! You may remember that a few weeks ago, everyone at our hospital thought I would deliver by Christmas, and as you can see, we’ve made it past that and even New Year’s.

On Tuesday, I hit the 39 week mark, and while I’m so very grateful, I am also so very ready! Mentally, we were prepared to have delivered weeks ago, so it feels like the little one is running late even though my due date isn’t till next week (Jan 13). I have been swinging back and forth between “I’m just going to have to get used to being pregnant the rest of my life” to “I don’t think I’m going to get to publish this post before I go into labor!”

Thankfully, everything is still looking good- Monday’s appointments showed good heart rates and baby Babb is still head down. VERY head down in fact- the nurses have noted that I’m very low and one doctor in passing commented on my belly’s impressive profile. I look like I’m trying to shoplift a beach ball!

It has been getting quite uncomfortable, so I’m thankful that my last day of work was December 30. I’ve just been trying to rest at home and do a few things I figure I won’t have time for soon, like knitting and reading. Brandon and I were also able to go on two dates this week- including going to the movies last night. Thankfully the excitement of the new Hunger Games movie didn’t send me into labor in the theater (which I was half-expecting).

We would appreciate your continued prayers for a safe delivery, and thank you for all your kind comments!