November 16, 2014

Fall Update

Hi all! We have been meaning to write a fall update for some time now- sorry for the delay!

Since we got back from our three-week Swaziland survey trip in August, a lot has happened- we are officially “on board” to move to Swaziland, Brandon started a new job, and we are preparing for baby to arrive (more on him soon).

First, Swaziland- We are in the beginning steps of learning how to fundraise. We’d love to have our fundraising done in time to move in June, but we won’t be surprised if the actual move happens in September. We most likely wouldn’t move in the time between those months because summer is a little crazy for the Swazi staff (all the mission teams come to visit). We will update as we learn more about the fundraising process!

Brandon has started a new job and is loving it! He is still doing email marketing and building websites, but, now it’s for a healthcare company. This has been a welcome change of pace as he gets to spend a bit more time at home. We are also thankful for the great benefits that come with the job since many hospital visits are in our future.

Melinda in the meantime is ramping down with work and getting ready to train her successor. It will be a big adjustment as the last five years have been spent working at our church. Still, she is joyfully looking forward to the time at home with baby!

This weekend we were sad to say goodbye to our two kitties- Scooter and Dusty. The kitties have gone to a wonderful, loving home with a family we trust and has experience with cats. We are so thankful for that provision- we would have just been heartbroken to have to leave them at a shelter! On a funny note, the last few days without them have helped us notice how much “brain space” it has taken to keep our house, clothes and selves cat-proof. More doors and spaces can now be left open and we don’t have to always watch our step (or our food). We loved our cats tremendously, but looking ahead, we knew we would eventually have to give them up to move to Swaziland. It seemed wise to simplify our lives as much as possible before baby. We are holding on to our pup, Roxy, for now, which has helped us feel like our home hasn’t suddenly been emptied.

We would appreciate your prayers as we go through all of these transitions and changes. It has been hard, yet rewarding to let go of things as we look forward to the future. We are excited to see what God has in store for us!