January 28, 2016

Off to Work We Go

We have internet! We have air conditioning! We have a 1-year-old!

Apologies for the radio silence- so much has happened in the last few weeks but we haven’t had internet to post an update in awhile.

Last Friday, Zach turned 1. Wow. We had a little birthday party for him where he was completely uninterested in his “smash” cake (maybe because mom used a sugar-free recipe). He did, however enjoy opening birthday presents and having so many other kids to play with. It is amazing to see Zach learning something new everyday. This week he learned how to “RAWR” like a lion. Oh the aborableness- it kills me!

Our office was on holiday until January 11, but now ministry is in full swing again. I’ve been busy learning the ropes to take over finances for one of the missionaries whose family is soon going on furlough for 3 months. Brandon has been giving some IT lessons to the local staff and helping make our tech more efficient. Brandon has been quite popular with requests to debug laptops and help create media for donor relations.

We’ve also visited a few homesteads over the last month and a half. Most of them we visited before Christmas so we could bring some of the neediest families food to last the Christmas break. It’s always humbling to see these families who have no electricity, no plumbing and are so grateful for your visit and gift of food.

One family we visited was using barbed wire to hang clothes out to dry. It’s heartbreaking to see kids get “new” clothes through donations only to get holes in them every time they’re laundered. Next week, we are bringing them an actual clothes line. It is still difficult to come home and see the contrast between the typical Swazi home and our own.

We still have a lot to learn and adjust to, but we’re feeling much more settled now and a little more confident in the everyday operations here. Thank you for your prayers!

Block tower cake Play presents

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June 29, 2016 at 11:02 AM Haha, I love the opening line! Zach may have been uninterested in his smash cake but this mama totally wants your sugar-free recipe! You and I are in the same page 😉