March 10, 2020

Quick Update and Request

Hey friends,

We would appreciate your prayers right now. We started 2020 knowing we would be especially busy for a few months- and it was.

Brandon and I have been training new staff since January but March was looking promising for a breath of air. Then, a staff member in another department had to leave the organization quickly and Brandon as well as several other people have been trying to cover their job duties. Brandon is already swamped and he’s trying his best to still have a home life. It’s difficult to have work boundaries with no set office hours, so much to do, and so many people needing his attention.

Last week, my HR replacement let me know that she received a job offer she couldn’t refuse. Apparently, she had applied for another larger company at the same time she applied with us, but they only just now got back to her. I’m excited for her opportunity, but also really bummed because she was doing so well in the role and I was just now finished with training.

Please pray that God will sustain us and help us set aside the proper time needed for rest. Please pray that God would navigate us through what feels like a problem and make it into something that actually makes our ministry stronger. Please pray the God would breath fresh air into us. Thank you.

love, Melinda

P.S. We hope to send you a proper update soon! ….