16 weeks

Big News

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We are pregnant! I’m 16 weeks exactly today. You’ll notice I use “we” in that first sentence- Brandon has been an absolute gem in trying to help me with morning sickness, grabbing me food when I just need to eat something “NOW.” and patiently listening to me tell him all my aches and pains. The pregnancy seems to be going well so far and I think I’m starting to feel “him” kick. Next week at our monthly appointment, our doc is going to try to tell the gender. The little one is due January 13, 2015. It’s great timing as we are going to be overseas in a few short weeks (post on that coming soon). I’m thankful I’m past that first scary trimester and its nausea, but not so far along I won’t fit in the airplane seats. We will keep you all updated through this blog, but in the meantime, would you please be praying for us? We are excited for a boy or girl, whatever God would like to give us, and we would appreciate prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Much love to you all!

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red cross

Healer God

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The song “Our God” just came on my internet radio and I am overcome with emotion. It was a very powerful song for me in our difficult season last year, and God made sure I got to hear it often. Today this line from the chorus especially stuck out: “Our God is healer Awesome in power Our God, our God” We prayed and prayed that our son Adam would be healed before he was born. The outcome was as the doctors predicted (you can read Adam’s story here), but I still believe that God heals and wants to heal. While God has clearly been healing my grieving heart this last year, it was a different kind of healing that came to my mind today; Forgiveness. I realized how lately there are certain people and situations that I have been letting bother me, things I should have forgiven long ago or shouldn’t be upset by in the first place. Our friend Margaret Feinberg gave a great sermon last year on how forgiveness is a continual process and you may have to re-forgive someone daily until it’s really in the past. It’s amazing how a memory can pop up in my mind from weeks, months, years ago and I have to realize I need to forgive them again. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to let the actions of others define or emotionally scar me. I’m so grateful I don’t have to be burdened by joy-stealing resentment. I’m so grateful we…

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Golden Halo

On Heaven

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Last week, I received my first ever spinal adjustment. I had no idea my body could crack and pop in so many ways that didn’t result in bodily harm. My chiropractor also showed me all my lovely issues via X-ray. He warned how my body would become harder to fix as time goes on if I did nothing now. I replied jokingly, “We’ll, it’s just my body.” The doc laughed and gave a skeptical look at the crazy person in front of him (as I guess most doctors would). I clarified that my body would only be needed for 80 years or so, referring to heaven (he knows I work for a church). He asked if I thought I would have a physical body in heaven. Great question! I have no idea. I told him as much and added that if we did end up having physical bodies, I think God would be so kind as to heal me. We returned to medical matters, but I have been thinking about his question ever since. I realized while I look forward to heaven, I don’t care about the details much. I know we have a loving God and I’m so excited to be that much closer to him. to see Him in all his glory. To rejoice in his presence.  And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will…

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